Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Subject....ha (August 25, 2014)

I dont even know what to say... this companion is just... nuts. if it were like a real problem, like a disorder or something maybe it would be easier to just be patient and carry on... but i feel like i have been called to help him. not just put up with him for the next 4 weeks before he leaves. thats the hard part. i dont understand the child. but thats ok! so... this week i have given him the same amount of attention regardless as to his behavior. if he is mad. i act the sam as if he is happy. sooo... it been interesting to see his counterattack to this... man... its like a grueling game of chess or something. he threatened to go home on thrusday... well... not so much threatened as declared that he could no longer be my comp and that today he was going to calll president and right to his family to send him home. basically (with love and forethought as always... i cant act out of surprise or anger) basically i told him that if it was my fault that he should call president and ask for a transfer not try and go home, because going home was using a problem as an excuse to rebel against God. and that if he wanted to staylike he said he needed to cling to God not rebel against him. maybe that sounds harsh but i said it loving ly. promise. though he still hated it... freaked out at me for a bit. ignored me for a bit then it was better. though not a hundred percent. i think weekends and nights are jsut destined to be days when he hates me. i think the last monday that he was happy and talking to me was like my third week here... goodness. but thats ok. i love him... im just confused. so thats the update... not the cureall i was thinking, but i still think its right.... we will see how it goes with a bit more time.

Well, i would love to write a really long letter to you but this week will have to be short, he is already done... he took like 30 minutes on the computer. sometimes we just have to be grateful for trials right? :) 

Well, i love the mission still. i can see myself changing, i can see others changing, and its all for the better. We found lots of news! including a few who i think are golden! and an awesome activity this saturday gave us a bunch of AMAZING refferalls for the other sectors... including 2 people that were guided to us... when we were leaving to the activity i had a random feeling to bring the bible... so i did! these 2 bolivian people came and participated then startied asking me about tithing and a few other things, and we were able to read it there in the plaza together from the bible! it was awesome! they are PREPARED, sadly from the other sector... but in those 3 minutes that i talked to them, we all felt the spirit a TON. this week was a GREAT week for finding. we can totally feel the lord working in us, and the whole ward is starting to feel the conection. hopefully i have a bit more time next week! The church is true! i love my life!

I love you all!
Elder Gold

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