Monday, November 18, 2013

Big news here in Arica

My Family! I love you guys tons!

Big news here in Arica. its been kind of an interesting week! this week in Chile was Elections, sooo looooots of politics, lots of lots! there is so much political crap here. papers, posters, calenders, cards, signs, letter. whatever else. just thrown every where. they just throw there name out as much as they can! So this sunday was Election day and it is illegal to have any large gathering on that day. so the church got special permision to have church for 1 hour only in the mornng, we combined with the other ward in the chapel we are in and had 1 hour of church and then we werent allowed to go out proselyting until after 5. so we went and made like 2 visits then had a meeting with the president at night. It is so awesome to get to hear from the president, he has so much spirit with him! we just had like a Q and A session with all of the missionaries in Arica. I feel a renewed fire, im glad he came!

But thats totally skipping the story! ummmm, on tuesday we had a good day, taught a lesson to the vargas family to try and help out hermano Heber. who still just doesnt feel that ready, but the president gave us some advice on that too. and we taught dariella both tuesday and wednesday. reading the book of mormon lots with her. the other Elders keep telling us that she isnt even progressing that its not gonna happen, but that was part of this weeks lesson for me, from the president and everything. i need to learn to stop caring about what the other elders are saying, and just keep going with what i know is right. just move on with faith and effort and let my paths be directed.

This thursday night/ friday something big went down here. A maniac just shot some people. for no reason. so we got a call at like 6 in the morning saying that we were to stay in te pension until further notice. then at 11 they let us know that we could go out until 5. so we hurried up and left so we could get some good time in. before 5 knowing that we had to be back early. so we went and did! and at like 430 they called and said we were good for the rest of the day. the people were caught and all was well. so we prepared ourselves for kind of a really long day working and went to another house. then at like 515 when we were about to go, they called again and said that something happens and we had to either get to the pension or camp out in a members house... so we stayed here with this member... said a prayer, she made us food. we chilled watched soccer and chatted until 8 30 when we had to go straight home. it was interesting! then the next day was just normal... we just have to keep being careful... most of the stuff happened at like 2 in the morning when we are very very safe in our nice warm beds. and for the most part Arica is like incredibly safe. they kept telling us how much this never ever happens here. but there it is. the adventure of this week. not nearly as bad as whats going down in the phillipines, we dont here a ton... but still thats just crazy! so much damage!

Family. I love you. Lets remember how blessed we all are. that there are always gonna be ups and downs. but we just need to keep up a good attitude. thank you so much!
Elder Gold

i made some pancakes! in a blender! and forgot the eggs.... oops. but thats ok. and also the pans here are old and bad... thats why they look like bananas hahaha :) also! im on some arthritis medicine/horse pills. its fantastic. :)

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