Thursday, November 7, 2013

lots of smiling and happiness! life is good! happy week.

I love you guys! thank you for everything you do! i dont have a ton of time this week but here it goes!
This week we had a sweet lesson with the Vargas family and our mission leader, they were accepting and the spirit was there! I was super grateful for his input and experience! we taught them about the Law of Tithing, i was trying really hard to not worry about it, they dont have much money at all, so we wanted to teach it Really really well so that they would know that they didnt have to worry about it. Especially because right now Dariella is doubting a TON because of tithing. she thinks that the "higher ups" in the Church are loaded because everybody pays 10 percent. but anyways, we wanted to teach it REALLY well. and we did our best, the spirit did the rest. they seemed super accepting. it was a great lesson with a members testimony of tithing.

Dariella... yea... i dont even know what to say about this. she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but doubts the church, and especially tithing. (yes i know, if she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon then she is set, but for some reason her mind doesnt want to connect like that, she rejects a ton of stuff, but is still reading) She LOVES us, and we love her. we went over to her house the other day and she found out that we didnt have an over, so she just gifted us her old one! straight up! we tried to pay, even just a little, and she wouldnt take it. so yea! super wierd situation, she thinks that the Church leadership is super corrupt, but loves our resources (paintings, books, songs, etc), she loves us, and she loves the Book of Mormon. but she still hates people and hasnt been to church in 3 weeks. so its a wierd situation.

We are also teaching a guy named Juan, his mom died in June, hes alone and it makes him sad a lot of the time, and he doesnt want much to do with the Gospel, but he loves the Church. he loves the poeple and the cpmpanionship. so we visit him every once in a while, kind of and odd duck, but an awesome little guy, also im pretty sure hes got a bit of a crush on me... but we will see what happens with him. interesting situation there. hes just a super unique guy. he couldnt make it to church on Sunday cuz he was sick, and we asked him what he ate and he said tomatoes, and bread with butter and mustard... yep. we love him.

Also on Sunday the Vargas family couldnt come... because they had family over. soooo we have to re teach the Day of Rest and push the Baptisimal date back, so no late birthday present first baptism for me, but thats ok.

This week i learned a lot more to rely on the Spirit, having a prayer in my heart all the time, not thinking about what im going to say, but just listening. its HARD! especially when im not fluent yet! but its good, everytime i do the things that im supposed to i just feel like miracles happen. the lessons that i listen more, i feel like are a lot more spiritual and effective. its beautiful.

Also this week i tried even more to SMILE, all the time, i remembered in the MTC about how Elder MAngum and I always tried to be super happy and smiley, because if we arent happy, why would these people want our message! i need to be more happy!!! so that was fun! lots of smiling and happiness! life is good! happy week.

I love you all, I hope you can feel Gods immense love for you, and the beauty that comes from living the Gospel! im so grateful for my FAMILY!
Elder Gold

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