Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mr. Potato Head

Dear Fam! I love you guys! thank you for being awesome, i love to hear from you!

My birthday snuck up on me like crazy! but Elder Knowles ( another elder in our house) was super prepared. he had already told like everyone in the whole ward so we had lots of stuff to do that night! we went to a breakfast, had cake at lunch then went to three houses at night also! they have this beautiful tradition too called tortaso, which means the birthday boy gets to take the first bite of the cake and someone shoves their face in it. its especially popular with missionaries. so i got my face shoved in cake three times hahaha. and we also got sent home with three cakes. so we have a ton of cake that we have to eat or it will go bad. im gonna get fat so fast here. its just a problem. then saturday night we had another appointment and they also threw a party! but the funny part was that everybody makes fun of me for being from idaho. so Elder Córdova went around telling everyone that i love potatoes and i especially love mr potato head. so they went and found a mr potato head and put it on my cake. yes. this is Elder Córdova. he is a lot to handle hahaha. things are good here in Arica! just working like crazy still! its crazy stuff! Always trying to learn, grow, and be better. the ultimate mission. be better so that you can help others better. Spanish is coming right along, its crazy to think that being in Chile 2 months I feel so knew and yet im sooooo much farther along with Spanish. i think it helps to have a Latino companion. 

As a missionary i have to throw in this plug! i know it doesnt seem easy, but Elder Ballard invited us all to bring a friend to church and get them started on the path before Christmas! i KNOW the missionaries would love to recieve a reference from you! we Pray for references, and you can be the answer to someone elses prayers! if there is someone who you feel would be receptive, dont be afraid to share. the spirit does way more work than you do.

thank you for being awesome! i love you!
Elder Gold

a few birthday pics...

 ... and the week before trip to the museum in azapa. 

mate, matero, y mate en piña :D hahaha

Mom's note:  I had to figure out what the heck "mate" was, so I googled it.  "Yerba mate tea is a very popular drink in South America. For many centuries the people of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil have enjoyed the rejuvenating effects of yerba mate. Today it is quickly becoming the beverage of choice worldwide for better health, energy and well being due to an abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals" ( 

"Drinking mate with friends from a shared hollow gourd (also called a guampaporongo or mate in Spanish) with a metal straw (a bombilla in Spanish) is a common social practice in Uruguay, Argentina and southern Brazil among people of all ages" (

So, the first picture of the yellow bag is the yerba mate - leaves and twigs - and the second picture is the mate prepared with hot water in the "traditional gourd" with the metal straw, the bombilla, and the last picture is the prepared yerba mate in a pineapple, or pina, with the metal straw.  Fascinating!

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