Thursday, November 7, 2013

We have just been going to town here

This week we set a new date with the Vargas Family! this time they will definitely make it. November 9. that will be my first baptism! I love to be able to see them changing. its so awesome to watch them. 

Other than that we have just been going to town here. working like usual. trying to get this spanish thing down. its coming! i can talk to people! i can understand at least 90 percent! i still just talk super slow! but that comes more with the experience! 

Super satisfying to watch people improve their lives through the church, super crushing to watch them get overwhelmed with doubts and such. its heartbreaking when people dont listen. you really have to learn to accept the agency of all men and learn to love your life for the good ness and not dwell on the badness. 

I feel super blessed that i had the teachers i did in the MTC. they were so good for me. Both of them taught me a ton about how to teach and be a missionary. but more than that, they taught us how to rise above the averageness that is everywhere. or at least to try. lots of people choose not to be obedient because its hard and stuff. but you just have to do the best you can and not worry about what they think. and always remember that even when you fail, you have another chance. you can always try again.

I love this work. i love where im at, i love what im learning, i love this people. Life is so good!

thank you for your prayers! 

Elder Gold

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