Monday, February 16, 2015

Faith (February 16, 2015)

Dear family!!! We had an awesome week! i hope you guys did too!!

This week we were shown by the Lord how immediate his blessings are. we started last week to try and exercise more faith as we left everyday to find news, and resolved to do everything we could to talk to the highest number of people ad ask everyone for references. even the people that we had just met, or when they obviously didnt want anything to do with the church. The lord blessed us in miraculous ways. and im sure we are gonna keep finding!!! thats the best. We can already see so many people. im sad that it took me so log to learn to simply exercise myfaith. but in the ed, better late than never. its gonna be great!!!

WE had one miracle family that moved in from antofagasta that came to us in the church ad told us that theywanted us to visit them. their daughter is a member but they aret. ad they want us to teach them. ttue miracles! we had another awesome family that we never saw coming when this family called us at 6 ad told us that they invited a family to come over for a fHE at 8 that same night. we shared a little about the pla of salvation and they are also super interested. plus we found a more people doing contacts in all places and we got a bunch of references. it may not have been the highest number of new peole youve ever seen. but it was immediate. and powerful. an answer to our faithful prayers!

Fernando is still just as awesome as ever. his family is currently in bolivia visiting for another week, so he is just home aloe a lot of times. we are goa try to go out and visit some people with him. also, we are going to teach his siter again this week. she had a baby like 3 weeks ago and we are hoping to share more with her andd get her to go with her brother to church. they have a really cool family. her daughter johanna has already been to church like 3 times and she loves it.

This family from antofagasta is truly Golden. we had an awesome lesson with them on friday... we talked about the  pla of salvation and helped them to really understand the point of it... it was so sweet. they may need a little time to adjust

The last 2 days were more of the test days... those days when you basiclally just end up walking around all day, plus only investigators went to church. but both times at night in the last hour we were shown that endurance is important because bioth times we were able to find people in that very last hour. walking aroud ALL day. for 5 hours straight. but that last hour we had to be working to be able to fid these people. 

This week we also made some deliscios food... new recipies for home... lomo saltado... in spanish thats called jumped sirloin... but it was tasty! who knew that i could eat red peppers onions and tomatos??? God sent me to Chile just to learn that i think hahaha. 

and we went to the mall on monday and ate in the foodcourt... i spent almost 8 bucks on a combo... a little one. without refills. so that was sad... but the burger was tasty!

Elder Sanchez and Elder Chambi continue to kill me with their stunts. with one of them i would be laughing a lot. with both... man. they just feed off each other like crazy. this week they went totally racist against me for everything. they start to make up these stories about random stuff, or they blame me for eating their food and such and i just laugh constantly... its terrible! all in jokes though. 

The mission is great! im still just learning like crazy nand loving life. there is nothing better than enjoying evry minute! these experiences are priceless!

Anyways! i love you all to death!! have a great week! the spirit is guiding us always! It has helped me so much! the church is true!

Elder Gold

"Tiny earthquake" on February 11, 2015
 (Translation: Bus[es] are exquisite)


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