Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy happy happy nuevo año!‏ (January 5, 2015)

whew! 2015! we had a party in the pensh! ok not really... what we really did was get to the pensh (house)  by nine and cooked meat in the frying plan then played chess until 12 and watched some fireworks then slept! whooooooooooooooo! 

but it was good. nice and calm.  Then the next day back out to work! which is a little rocky that day but we just went out with faith and did our best! then that night we went to Antofagasta for the meeting! zippidy doo dah! those bus rides are killers. but it was pretty good! the consejo was great! Then afterwards we learned that we were going to be coming home with 2 more missionaries for the zone! one to be in a trio in paipote, and another to be in a trio with us! one of them was ELDER TURMAN :) ma child. love him. it 2was awesome to see him again. hes doing pretty good, and he speaks spanish waaaaay better now. but we had a good catch up session waithing in the bus station.  The Other Elder is called Elder Sanchez from Guatemala! hes a cool guy! his personality is really different, but not bad just different but hes fun! its gonna be nice to have 3 missionaries in the ward now because we had tooo much work to be able to do it all alone! so that will be really helpful! we will do lots of divisions.

Its getting REALLLLLY hot in copiapo. i am dying again. so very grateful for fans, because they are saving my bacon. i walk into the pension and just put it right in front of my face... the worst part is that its really mostly the sun! in the shade its all ok, but the sun here is just soooo much worse than anything i have ever experienced. however. i am very very grateful for the wind. that is my saving grace.

Also, this week we were able to find some more friends of our investigators (fernando and Luzmila) who are looking for God! i love it how people get prepared like that. they had been going to a church but someone came around and made them feel like that church was false.... so they stopped going.... perfect! this is where we come in and tell them that they can truly know wich of the churches is true and know exactly what God wants them to do! sadly, they arent married either.... nobody is ever married here. or if they are, they dont live with the person they are married to. so that is also our job.

This week we are going to have another Family night with Carolina and another investigator! its awesome to be able to have Carolina help out with the investigators now, she has such a great testimony and all sorts of energy! she will be a great help for so many people! thats why its easier to have sucess in one place once you have already baptized, it just has the snowball affect.

Oh right! Fernando!!! we talked to him last monday and we set goals with the family in the big FHE we do every week, he shared his goals with us and it was soooo awesome! "i want to get married, get baptized and then get married by the everlasting" thats the quote. oh and his temporal goal was to fix up his house some more. he doesnt know the terminology very well but last sunday we talked about the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. he already has that as his goal. he is so awesome. Luzmila is less sure about marriage... but we will help her out with that :)

AND Jhonny is also totally psyched to get married and baptized. he says that they will get married asap! so that was also awesome! but all of these awesome investigators... somehow ditched us in church... :P but thats ok. basically everyone went to the beach so next week will be better.

So we are gonna have an awesome week! i hope you guys will too! i love you all! the church is true!

Elder Gold


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