Monday, February 16, 2015

God's Plan (February 9, 2015)

We had an awesome week this week! my favorite part was the leadership council that we had on thursday. we traveled all night wednesday, had the meeting all day thursday and then got back home at like 3 in the morning on friday morning. its a party, but its soooo worth it.

God really just sends you exactly what you need when you need it. i know ive said this before but many times i feel like ive already learned a lesson about something until i learn a bit more and just get to the next level. That happened this thursday. they talked about Faith. man... i knew all the things they tlaked about but some of the words really just struck me. Faith is so important in missionary work. just having the hope really that everything is gonna go well, and when it doesnt having the faith to just keep moving forward and trusting that there is a reason beyond your own understanding. God is always blessing us according to our faith. and as hard as i may have been working maybe i havent had that constant faith and hope that we are going to have sucess. but thats why we have repentance right? we can all change and be better. every time we learn something new we just have to try and apply it. do better. every day. simple.

The past week has been full of dissapointments. really just about everything we have had planned has fallen every day. but thats ok. its all gonna work out. as we keep moving with faith and dilligence God has promised His blessings and His promises are always completed. for example... sturday we had walked all day long, from appointment that didnt work out to appointment that didnt work out, trying to talk to people and such but with basically 0 sucess... so we were walking to contact someone that said that we could come by but in march because they are going to go to the south of chile for the next month or so... and we decided we should just go pass by for this family we had contacted a while ago... so we passed by and knocked on the door and nobody was there... right as we were ready to go, the guy got home.... opened the door and let us in... alright... welll we would prefer to be with the while family but thats ok. its something... then right as we were starting.... the whole family got home! came in and sat down to listen! We had one of those lessons where you can feel that the people really understand the importance of what we are teaching and want to follow. God blessed us right in that moment when we were starting to get down, and He whowed us that he can send miracles. So now we just have to keep going and the miracles that he showes us will keep coming... we will continue learnign just as much about God as the people we teach. thats why the mission is so dang awesome!!!!

I love teaching now, ever since i trained in vallenar i have felt that my teaching has changed drastically. it used to be a lot more of just a memorized ritual of telling people a lot of info that they never understood. then i had a while when i just kinda taught a lot of random principles using the scriptures but without much preach my gospel info... but i have felt the huge difference in my teaching as i have learned how to apply the lessons to people. help them to understand the principles we are teaching not to just be present as we talk, and not to just teach about Christ without a set direction really. I like reading Preach my Gospel because i have read the lessons like a million times, but as i study i start to pick up new things, and make my ability to teach a specific principle better.

i dont know if i already wrote this or not but talking about how God sends us what we need when we need it. I was talking to an Elder the other day and he said that President Dalton had told him about what happened when he called me to train. i didnt feel ready at all, but i was willing to follow the assignment. and PResident had asked this missionary how i was doing in my sector and he told president Dalton that i was having some problems, that it was a bit rough, and president told him... "well, i need you to keep an eye on him then, because i felt that he needs to train right now." how right was he! i will always say that training changed my life.

last thought for the day. in the council on thursday i learned something awesome, in spanish, we dont have an index to the scriptures, its a Scripture study guide. and in there, when you look up a word (just like in english) it shows you the "see also" words... and when you llok up joy in spanish, which is Gozo... there is only 1 word that goes with it. obedience. that is so very true.

The gospel is great my family! i invite all of you that read this to strengthen your testimonies and to live the gospel more fully! i promise you will have more blessing and more joy! i love you all so much!!! i hope that this week is amazing.

Elder Gold

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