Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last week‏ (January 18, 2015)

Well, we had a good week last week! We had an Elder from the office come down fand stay the night with us for three nights this week and had one of those conversations until 12:30 about the mission and life and evrything, but it was sweet. he is a really awesome guy. Elder Rodriguez from Mexico. he came down with Elder Garrison, who is from Nampa idaho. He and his wife are a missionary couple that we have had in the mission here. Elder Garrison got to sleep in the Hotel but Elder Rodriguez came to our pension. Elder Garrison is super funny. he told us a couple story about his life and how he kicked his wife out of the kitchen when they were newly married. we were all dying. but the moral of the stroy was that you should be positive with your wife and not critique her so much ha.

Also, on monday i went to go visit this famliy with a member, we had a good visit, it was his Home Teaching family, and when we left we realized that it was a little later than we had planned so to save time he decided to just take me to his FHE with his family instead of driving all the way over to wear my comps were and then come back. so i went with him and watched them have an FHE with him his wife and his eight year old daughter. and me, the fly on the wall. They tried for 10 years after getting married to have children and were never able to, until they were finally able to have 1 daughter. the lesson was about music, and it was awesome to see them trying to teach their young, and energetic (reminds me a lot of janie when shes babubly :)) daughter about music. i could truly see that she was their biggest treasure. It was just cool to watch them have this FHE, it reminded me of the ones we had as a family when i was a little younger that sometimes werent so picture perfect like Mom and Dad wanted.

We also had a major problem in the week... one of the member familys that we are really close to called us the day before we were gonna go visit them and let us tknow that they were going to seperate.... what???? so that was like mad haustle to get over there and help them out... we cant counsel people about marriage. but we can counsel them on other things. like patience, forgiveness and most importantly talking to the bishop, so that was a really stressful night... but miracles happen because yesterday we talked to them again and they said that they area lot better, they are willing to work it out again. but it was incredible to see how bad they were in that moment. Every day its just more to keep learning.

Have an awesome week! love you all!!

Elder Gold

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