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ridin solo...‏ (January 12, 2015)

Hello once again! 

This week was awesome but Crazy! we did splits every day except for saturday! and i was generally the one who was off with the member! so that was interesting... its strange do be the only missionary because you have to cary everything! including all of the teaching. its much better to have someone there to back you up. sometimes i just felt like i was talking way too much. but it was fun! it was great to be able to get so much done! we were able to visit a lot more people and a lot more often. hopefully this will help the people to progress!

Fernando is just as awesome as ever. They set a date to get married! sadly its in march... so even i will be out of the sector, but who knows... maybe they will choose to do it a little bit earlier so that i can be there! thats the hope! but he went to church this week and started quoting scripture... we were talking about life on earth and the example of Jesus and he raised his hand and said "its like in 2 nefi 31 when it says that if the Lamb of God, who is holy needs to be bpatised, then so do we!" wow! awesome! he is just sooo ready... he just needs to get himself hitched! i wish the "take him to vegas" option existed here! 

We also learned that we lost another family of 4 this week. DARN! they moved. but i know they will keep progressing in thier other sector. and it will better because its really really close to their new house. Its sad to see investigators leave sometimes... it always makes me think of that bolivian family that i was teaching in Arica that moved away... i wonder what happened to them... hopefully they found the church again wehrever they ended up! Every once in a while i see a car that looks liek theres and i day dream that they have made it back here to copiapo somehow... anyways. I love that in the second life i will be able to go see all those people again, because there are so many people here in Chile that i already know that i will never see ever again. and that is sad. but in the resurrecion i will get to go talk to them and see how theyve been. 

Noemy gave her first talk in church this sunday!!! with just barely one month of time as a member! and she did great! she talked about honesty and integrity and didnt even read that much! she is 12! soooo  i was impressed! im glad that they are still holding strong. we are still just waiting on their callings!

Its fun to be in a trio now, Elder Sanchez is hilarious... i dont know how people can be so funny, or maybe me and Elder Gines were just bored of eachother? not that hes bad in any way its just a lot of time to be with the same person... but he just says anything and we both start laughing... plus hes an excellent storyteller, he remends me of Elder Rodas... because you cant believe Everything he says... but its still really funny to listen to his stories! and he cooks GREAT! we no longer have a mamita so we are cooking for ourselves again and he makes that a happy experience! he made these black beans with cream... i dont know why but it was just fantastic! he just grabs things nad throws them together and magic happens. benefits of having a chef in the pension.


Its a zillion degrees still. super grateful for fans and for people that give us water. its like added motivation to plan well because walking around in this sun is killer. i remember before i left looking at the temerpature here... it was always perfect. always. i was so excited... but  the sun.... in the shade, its survivable and with a little bit of a breeze even better, but when you have to walk in the sun you can feel it burning you. at least i can feel it burning me. people make fun of me all the time, they keep telling me that im gonna leave here black! and im on my way to that! sooo much sonblock! all the days. 

I am greatful for cold water, sun block, sunglasses, the spirit, fans, members who help us, a mostly flat sector, shade, my comps, delicious food, and good helath and spirits!

The church is true! Gods plan is perfect! and i love life almost as much as i love you guys!! have a great week!

Elder Gold

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