Sunday, April 20, 2014

How great was the conference! (April 7, 2014)

Dear Beloved Family of Mine Who I Love Very Much,

This has been an interesting week! Luckily i am suuuper far away from all of the earthquakes and tsunami warnings... didnt feel a thing, so that was nice but it has still been huge news down here! But dont worry at all, i am super duper safe and im staying in Vallenar as well so i have no problems with that haha :)

This is a little paragraph we are supposed to send to you:

Sister Dalton has created a facebook group she is using to share news of the mission with parents of missionaries.  This was particularly helpful in sharing information during the earthquakes in the northern part of the mission last week.  If possible, we encourage you to connect to the mission in this way so that we can share information quickly with you.  We have also asked your missionary to share email addresses with us so we can contact you in that way.
You can become a member of the group by finding Hermana Sandra Dalton on facebook and sending her a friend request.  At the time you send the friend request, you must send Sister Dalton a message telling her the name of your missionary and how you are related (parent, brother, etc.)  Do not send a request to join the group directly, send a FRIEND request.  The group is not for extended family members, friends or girlfriends to just see what is happening in the mission, it is for the sharing of important information.

Also! How great was the conference! i dont know what you felt about it but i thought the music was Incredible this time! saturday night... the one about even tide. wow. hit me hard. I loved the conference! i felt so good! it answered a lot of questions and prayers for me! I personally felt like the thieme this week was to stick to your principles! have more faith in what you are doing and being more firm! as well as binding together with all people in order to do good! I love that even here in Chile we get to watch the conference in english. it just would not have been the same to watch Elder Holland "light it up" the first talk in spanish. wow! talk about power! like a punch in the face! but yes, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true :) im sure about that. 

This week, we ended another transfer. crazy how fast these six week peroids pass by. but! we got the call and i am going to be a trainer! I was TERRIFIED! gah! how in the world was i going to trian this guy??? but, conference solved all of my doubts, i was praying for help, comfort, and answers and i received in abundance! I know that i dont have to be 100 percent prepared to be ready to take on the challenge, this is is something that is going to last for my whole life, there will alw3ays be things that i dont feel toatally sure about, but i know that if i try my best, and keep having faith. we can ALL be filled with the Grace of the Lord and He will fill our gaps. that is beautiful.

Also, something that i loved was the talk about gratitud...  Elder Ucthdorf gave a talk about finding joy in the journey... then answered the questions how to do it... have gratitude.

So! Here we start with another spiritaul adventure and a new week to grow and try again. Life is good. I hope you are all very well! thank you for your love and your prayers!

God loves you! Jesus lives! He acts in our lives! i have felt the difference! i have planted the seed and i can SEE what it has done in my life. we can all do that.

I love you!

Elder Gold 

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