Sunday, April 20, 2014

One year from my last surgery (March 31, 2014)

Hey family! 

Wow! sorry that i didnt write last week! we went to the beach in the city of Huasco like an hour away. The others went to play soccer in the sand and i went to play.... just in the sand hahaha. darn knee. cant do squat. but there it is. This week i completed 1 year from my last surgery! thats a little crazy!

The last week our trio ended! as im sure many of you know all of the foreign missionaries in venezuela got taken out. completely. They needed places to go, so we got to end the trio! Elder Claros! a Bolivian from La Paz! he has almost a year in the mission and is Elder Mirandas new companion! its been funny to relive through him what itwas like getting used to Chile. All the words and stuff that changed. Hes a good guy! I feel like a Giant around him! hes super duper short haha. sorry i dont have photos... my camera is throwing a fit.

We had a few great lessons this week. one of them where i almost cried. We were talking about the blessing the Gospel had made in our lives and one of the Hermanas who i feel like is on the point of leaving the Church sometimes who i feel like just hasnt quite been understanding realized what a proteccion the gospel can be in her life has been and woulds have been in her life. That was powerful. and beautiful. loved that moment.

And the other was with a Less active when we talked about the plan of salvation. I always know that the spirit is present and working through me when i dont have to try to talk and i feel like my mind is just working at full speed without any effort. i have a good memory ofall the important things i have learned and the words just kindof spill out of my mouth. the lesson wasa lot like that. and this guy was there with his two kids. they are with him through the weekend and with their mom in the week. I cant explain well all of the things that happened there, or why it was so special, but The spirit was strong. i was so happy. im looking forward to working with hime more.

Im so stoked for the conference! its gonna be awesome! i love knowing that when we are watching conference we are doing the exact same thing and hearing the exact same thing even though we are so far apart! i hope you all have your questions prepared!

You rock! thank you so much for your prayers and for your love! I love you all very much!

Elder Gold

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