Sunday, April 20, 2014

We went to Antofagasta to pick up the new missionaries (April 14, 2014)

Hey fam!

Wow! it was a great week! on wednesday we went to antofagasta to pick up the new misisonaries! so we traveled 10 hours to go, got in in the morning and ate breakfast then had like a conference training type session there which was really good! really gives you the importance of training a new missionary. makes you feel it good. i was so excited. then we all sit in the room as they slowly pair of the missionaries 1 by 1! it was awesome! so much nervous! so i picked Elder Thurman before we started just who i thought it was going to be, and when that guy sat down to open his letter i was right! Elder Thurman is my new companion! my first gringo companion! We then had to wait for like 6 hourse for our bus so we went to the ocean in antofagasta and then to the mall and just kinda looked at things and wasted some time! then traveled 10 hours back! it was awesome! Then we started the week! it has been interesting to be doing everything! he doesnt speak any spanish! so we always speak spanish together but i speak really really slow that he can understand a little better. but with people... he is just silent hahaha. but it has been fun! we are learning really fast together! we have been having a good time! its a huge responsability but its incredible! im loving it so far!
One awesome experience this week was when i was passing the sacrament on sunday! i had a flasback kindof thing... welll not flashback but just an instant when i saw myself and the priests that were blessing as if we were doing it back in ancient israel, like with the ceremonial clothing that the priests wore... i know they didnt have the sacrament the same way but it just added a really big importance and specianess to what we were doing it was cool.

Like i said, now i just do almost everything! i speak to everybody, basically carry on the whole conversation, but then when we get teaching i always try to make him talk more because i know that thats how hes gonna be learning! its just all so different and such an adventure! 

I love this gospel! i love my calling! the church is true!!!
I hope you have all been well!
I love you all!

Elder Gold

Elder Cordoba preparing to serve with his new missionary

Elder Gold shining shoes for his new missionary - a Greenie!

Met up with Elder Mangum (MTC companion) in Antofagasta

My kid (a.k.a Greenie, new missionary) Elder Turman from Virginia

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