Sunday, April 20, 2014

I don't know the word in English (March 17, 2014)

Hey Fam!

Its been a good week here in Vallenar! The day after Pday i went on a .... change? i dont know  the word in english. we traded spots for a day and i went to the other Sector with a newbie. so i got to meet a make friends with a whole  bunch of new people up there. we had a good day. His name is Elder Sherman. And my favorite part of the whole thing was that he plays  guitar.... ahhhhhh. I loved listening to that thing. we just chilled for like 20 minutes at night while he played and i listened or sang if i knew the song well. That rocked. Then i came back down to Centro and we finished out the week here. we have  been running around doing lots of paperwork and trying to get Elder Miranda in to a doctor. we thought he was going to have to get his tonsils out but it looks like we arent gonna be doing that. But we had a new family in the Church this week! that was sweet! and Another family who basically told us they were totally ready to learn more. they understand that this would be huge and they want to know if its  right so that is gonna be Awesome to work with! hopefully all keeps going well!

I had a sweet experience with the BoM this week. i was just reading one day when out of nowhere i just felt this big click in my head. and i felt 200 percent sure that all of this was true. That was amazing. it wasnt like powerful or flames or anything, just surity. Loved that.

I also gave 2 lessons this week. one of them off hand which i feel like went even better than the one i prepared. They aske dme to teach sunday school 2 minutes before it started so we just rolled with it. we talked about joseph and potiphars wife :) thank you drama! i have that story DOWN! but it went well. then we talked about the sacrament and The oath and covenant of the priesthood in priesthood meeting. I was really impacted by the last verse in there for some reason. We will recieve all that the father has if we magnify our callings.... big deal.

Also today! Elder TAnner And Elder Leal emailed me! they met eachother  over in engand! that was sweet!

I hope you are all well! im feeling good here! 

Elder Gold

Happy Birthday to me! Thank you!!! a pull up bar and some new sunglasses with UV  protection :) 


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