Sunday, April 20, 2014

Post earthquake: All is well! (April 2, 2014

Hey! we have permission to write you guys a note today to let you know that all is well! it was a scare! pretty big earthquake! but where i am we didnt feel anything at all. None of the missionaries were harmed. Everyone is find. not even their houses were affected in anyway. They had fear of a tsunami but that didnt happen either. just some big waves. all is happy. the cities were well prepared to start the evacuation and everything. they evacuated almost the entire coast of chile. but im an hour inland as well. Lots of drama! but all is well and good. nobody harmed. no damage caused except for a lack of sleep for those in the office and those who had to be evacuated hahaha :) Im fine! dont worry about me! or any other missionary down here for that matter ha. Bye!

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