Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The time truly just flies by!

Dear Family! i love you all tons!

Well... Here we are again. another monday passed. time still just kindof freaks me out. i have already been here with Elder Turman for 3 weeks! the time truly just flies bye. These past few weeks have been really really interesting as far as cooking goes... im learning... i am content with eatng the same things for like 3 months in a row without too much problem... i can eat boring and it just doesnt bug me... but the other trhee Elders are all pushing for new and interesting food! so we have been having an adventure trying to figure out different meals, how to please everyone, keep it under budget. not take too much time and still have it taste good! Also... i do lots of the cooking... and i thought that i knew how to cook... but we dont have any recipes! so its all just kinda wingin it! WE have made fajitas. hot dogs and potatoes. this crazy soup that was really expensive and took like 2 hours to prepare. it has been really really interesting. SEASONING IS REALLY HARD! i almost always add way too little and its bland. then i convince myself to not make the same mistake AGAIN and i just kill the food with the seasoning! wow. it has been... entertaining to cook. adventures! but. we havent gotten sick or made anything to gross to eat. so thats good!

This week we have been trying to give Elder Turman more time talking... it is amazing how fast you learn the language. amazing. he still isnt like fluent or anything but the progress that he has made just in these past few weeks is phenomenal. he is really learning so fast. he is awesome.

I have been falling in love with the scriptures recently... sometimes i am just reading marking studying like normal and then i just hit this one verse that is really poweful so i start looking up cross references and definicions and all sorts of other thing and just like expand the single thought so much.. wow it is so satisfying. its such an intriguing moment when i am fully concentrated and just like excited and hungry for more and when i finish i just kinda sit back and breath deep and glory in the feeling for a moment.... thats happened to me before but it has happened a lot more within this last week.

Also, Elder Turman and i were talking about our lives and a little bit about my mision to this point and he made this comment "you seem like you arent the same person as you were before" he is so right. The change is intense. i have chnaged so much in the last couple months of my life... its just crazy. everytime i look back. i always think about the change in our lives and the overwhelming voice of the world right now that ays that we cant and shouldnt change who we are, or that its not our problem we are the way that we are. but that is so very wrong. we change every day. we make choices that chnage who we are. we make ourselves and its our choice. i am so grateful for the experiences i have had and the circumstances i have been under to be able to have made it to where i am today. so grateful.

I hope you are all very happy and content with your lives. The church is true. it blesses our lives more than we notice. or even are able to notice if we try. it is the oasis in the world of today.

Love you all

Elder Gold

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