Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Introspective Moments (May 5, 2014)

Hey fam. i just really really love you guys a lot. just so you know.

Well! its been a good week! As i watch these 2 new missionaries grow up i just have lots and lots of introspective moments... Misisons are tough! but wow... sometimes they are just the most rewarding things in the world. i saw this poem that another Elder had about like the opposites of the mission. like "ive never been so happy, ive never been so sad" "ive never felt such love ive never felt so empty" its kindof the truth! there are some days that are just Super rough! some days when you just break down crying! and there are some days when you are just so completely full of love and the spirit and hope... those are the times you live for. This week in church especially i just felt so incredibly grateful to my Heavenly Father... it was like exploding out of my whole being i was just so grateful that He has put me where i am, that He has given me my personal trials my strenghts my family my opportunities and most importantly He has given me the life of His Son, who helps me with every single step. Wow, what a beautiful privelage that we have.

This week we were able to have an activity with the branch where we talked a little about service and love and played a few games together. it was just a great feeling to have everyone there laughing and playing together. Its funny how such a simple activity can just get amplified so much. we did not have that many things planned or decorations or anything but it turned out really really well. so that was fun!

Elder Turman is awesome. its fun to watch him with the spanish as it just slowly but surely gets better and better and better. im remembering 6 months ago when i was in his same position. man spanish was so hard! trying to remember all the conjugations and when to use the different tenses and connecting words... and just remembering the words! but... it comes, slowely but surely and then one day you just kindof realize that it isnt as huge of a battle as it was before haha. but hes awesome. theres times when i just dont tell him that he is saying things wrong (because i dont want to interrupt him every third word) and then one day when i feel like its right (or it just starts to bug me enough that i break down, not sure wich hahaha) i finaly tell him and he always throws like a fake minifit hahaha. "how have you been letting me say that wrong for a MONTH?!" but we get along really really well. obviously not perfectly we still have our tiny disagreements but i probably get along with him better than any of my other three comps here in chile. Thats nice.

About home... its wierd how much things are changing! and the fact that we are in may still just kind afreaks me out. the other day i just kinda realized that you would all be finishing school pretty soon... but i was already out here when you guys were getting in! thats the craziest for me! And everytime i see pictures i just see things changing... especially my sisters!!! good night! and i thought it was wierd when they were turning 12 or 14... now meg will be hitting 16 in a few months! janie enters high school! heidi graduates, sam turns 18 in december! wooooowwwww. but... i guess thats what happens with time... its just a lot wierder when it happens in fast chunks through pictures instead of slowly and daily ha. im super super excited to talk to you again on sunday! yay! ive had the silent countdown for a while hahaha.

I hope you are all doing very well and i love and miss you very much! the church is true!

Elder Gold 

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