Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We have been blessed with sucess by the members in our area (May 19, 2014)


I love you all to death! thank you for being mine!

This week has been so great! honestly! we had a conference in another city 2 hours north of us. we got to listen to the mission president and his wife and Elder Spannaus with his wife... it was a great experience. we learned so much about... everything. I just love those talks that inspire you to be better people! i wish i could have that same affect on people! just have that contagious spirit that makes everyone else around me want to better as well! it was wonderful! I feel very blessed for that chance to receive revelation directly from the Spirit. 

This week we have been blessed with sucess by the members in our area! We have contacted a few people by the members that have invited there friends to come to activities or just started talking about the church and realizing that these people were interested! WOW! it is SUCH a massive difference when you have an investigator with a friend in the church who has invited them to learn more. they progress SO fast! they are hungry to learn! they are just wonderful! plus the members have been awesome enough to help us with the actual teaching... they just bring a completely new level of the spirit to our visits! wow! i am feeling so so blessed by the mebers here. I have loved being able to work with them here.

We got the Transfer info this week and i am staying here for 6 more weeks with Elder Turman! but Elder Claros is leaving! :,( im going to miss him lots. he is the greatest! but so are Elder Ercanbrack and Elder Turman. i just love these guys so much. 

We have still just been working really hard to focus more on what the spirit tells us as we teasch and making specific plans based on the needs of the investigators and the lessons have been going over SO much better! I have loved just feeling So much of the spirit in my life this past week. i am so excited to just keep working! to keep watching this progress in these people! that is my favorite part about the mission1 watching people change! i love the Gosple! i love the Work! we are all so blessed. The world is good. i know that we ALL have challenges but if we look at these challenges in an eternal perspective... it just changes everything. im so grateful for a merciful God.

Thank you for being my family! Keep working! keep moving forward! keeppraying sincerely!

Love always 

Elder Gold

Post Script: Mom, i just love you to pieces. so much. So... as i learn immensly i hope you arent offended as i try to share parts with you... but! this is what i have been feeling and lerning that has really helped me. in the same way that you have Children to watch over and protect, i have investigators who are growing up in the gospel, and though i know its not even NEAR the same magnitude... i still feel super responsable for them for there actions and for there progress. so! something that has really helped me is the fact that i can recieve personal revelation! as i pray about specific problems and outline specific plans and ask heavenly father to bless my actions and to help me to be guided and directed and to change my plans if at all necessary. i hope that within that there is something that can help you. but it has helped me to make my prayers a lot more meaningful and sincere and helped me feel more of the Lords guiding hand in my life. it has also helped me to do more than just worry about things without ever actually thinking about solutions or anything and just being worried.

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