Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miracle Sunday (June 23, 2014)

Hello fam! so we had a pretty interesting week! we started the week pretty good, just normal days, lessons. then wednesday came around... mundial... or world cup. against spain! Spain is last times champion and Chile was playing at 2 on wednesday... which meant they would be ending like at 4 and we would leave the apartment and just have a normal day! wow! that was not how it worked out for us! the game started at 3.. so we got outside.... NOBODY was outside. it was empty... and silent... except for when the whole city would do these tiny anxious screams in unison... then... everything erupted... horns and screaming and madness! wow! chile had beaten spain (last times champ) 2 - 0 and knocked them out of the cup! wow! then the streets were just crazy for the next HOUR! literally. massive traffic jams. people driving and honking and screaming and more horns (which are incredibly loud here... built especially for this) just SO much celebration. wow. luckily we had a few appointments planned for that night so we ended up alright. had some good stuff... i will try and send a few videos of that. 

Then we had an intercambio with Elder Ercanbrack, he is a stud. i think we would be friends back at home. we get a long really well... but we talked to A LOT of people that day... not to many things that worked out but we spent all day talking. then we found them an apartment! its soooo nice! hopefully they will be moving out this week.

On saturday in the morning we had a sweet service activity wehre we had to go in and rip out a couple of trees in this school playground place, it was fun! but i didnt have gloves and my hands sortof got eaten... but thats ok! totes worth it, sometimes its awesome to just go really hard and just work until im beat. but after i kindof paid for it! so tired! also...Rosa got her baptismal interview and passed ith FLYING colors, then i also had to give my first baptismal interview! that was fun! i was a bit nervous but i studied lots and lots and it really was  great experience. He was also ¡very ready to be baptized. he has made LOTS of changes in his life.

Then on sunday... after just an interesting week... not too full of obvious sucess... we got RAINED on by blessings. So... Cecilia... who we thought we had lost but before had seemed really really prepared just showed up to church! YAY!!!!! then while we were there she was just super super awesome and she asked us to come over at 6 that same night. PERFECT! We had also invited this other bolivian that we had met to come... and our colombian apartment security guard. they both came as well! both Fabian and Elias came. just movin along, and Rosa of course was there and they announced her baptism for this weekend. and Ibar... who is still coming.. in total 7 investiagators! wow! it was awesome, and the 2 ones who had never come before just loved the church! it was awesome. we have more appointments for throughout the week. that night we went to visit Fredy... who is still just doing great! and then later on to visit Cecilia nad her husband... we went with one of their friends... who is the district president... and it was just incredible. they are so ready... i expect to hear about there baptism in another few weeks. then a great spiritual lesson with a part member family. 

Today! we got to watch the game! Chile vs. Netherlands... whew!it was fun! chile was controlling the whole game but the netherlands still came in with the 2 goals... they just had an impenetrable defense... it was impressive. but thats ok! chile is still passing on to the next round!

This is the last week of Elder Turmans training! soooo fast! tooo fast! i will almost certainly be leaving this sector this week... they will let us know on satuday.... i want to stay! a lot! i want one more here! i have LOVED this sector! so far my favorite... man... but, i guess that is part of the mission. Transfers. I LOVE THE MISSION!  these last few weeks i have truly just been falling in love with it. i am loving every second and im so grateful for it. learning and growing so much... and just feeling the spirit ALLLL the time. it is just sooo sweet.... im so glad i get to have this experience.

I love you guys a lot! you are in my prayers always! 
Have a great week!
Elder Gold


(Mom Note:  This must be the artistic side of Henry... 
taking pictures of textures... textiles... or something)

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