Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Referrals from the members (May 12, 2014)

Dear Family!

I love you tons! it was so great to see you this week and talk to you guys a little bit. i love you lots and lots.

This week has been awesome for us! we have received a bunch of referals fromm the members that are just awesome. alright... we will try and start from the beginning of the week. soo... its just been a good week! we got one of our investigators who was having family problems who got them all solved and invited us back to his home with his family and we had a great visit there with them. they should start progressing really really well. Then on saturday we went out to work with this poster that we had built. We had a map of important places in the life of Jesus Christ and then we put on a bunch of pictures of all the events that were named and we linked it to his visit to the americas and that to the book of mormon! we didnt find as many people as we were hoping but we did find a good number of people and if nothing else we just talked to lots and lots of people! it was a good time!

Then that night we went to a baptism from the other missionarys in our sector. That went REally well, and one of the members had invited a friend to come see the baptism... so we talked to Patricio a lot. He was awesome. the baptism was great. and just a great night. we had to run early so we invited Patricio to the church for the next day and gave him the pamphlet for the restauration and went to our other appointment, which was with this less active couple... that was just a really great time... we were just talking about God and life with them and it just felt... good, and peaceful.

Then church! we showed up and then Patricio showed up again! asking when we were gonna be able to visit with him! He had read and marked a few chapters of the Book of Mormon that the smae member that invited him tothe baptism had given him and he had read the whole pamphlet that we had given him and marked parts and done the whole section in the back about the personal study section. WOW. so we set an appointment with him at 7, then we also had a nother referall from the members that came to church that we talked to and she asked us to come over this friday or saturday but she already loves the church. After Church we went and ate lunch then went back to the pension for a bit. then after a while we went to go Call! whew! loved the call. really reinforced the love that i have for family prayer. Then we went to talk to this other guy that we had tried to put an appointment with and then went to the Church to meet with Patricio. That was one of the greatest lessons of my life. if not the greatest. it just went perfectly. not because we followed the exact lesson. it was just everything that a lesson could be. with the same hermano there present. at the end we invited him to be baptized and he said that he would and right there asked that same member to baptize him. then we closed with a prayer by Patricio that was just.... incredible. so heartfelt. so great. wow. that man is prepared. 

All in all. i am just a very very content missionary these days. i am loving the world. loving my life. feeling SOOOO blessed. I know the Lord has just been guiding everything. I am so happy to have Him there for me in every moment. The church is true. misionary work is amazing. I am so blessed

I hope you are all well. and that you stay that we¡ay. keep moving forward! if we do it the right way we always arrive to where we need to be. The Lord directs us to the best place for us to be. every time

Elder Gold

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