Thursday, June 26, 2014

CaRAZZY week. but good.‏ (June 16, 2014)

Family of mine! how are you all??? 

It has been an action packed week! for reals! im gonna try to get all these stories in... we are headed to huasco again today! so hopefully i will have some more pics for next week.

Alright. so we started the week a day late because we had that awesome conference last monday. happy pday and then we just started into the week! so! this week we also did intercambios with the zpne leaders, it RAINED!!! and the world cup started. yep! interesting week! so i guess we will just start up with the stories!

On wednesday we had those... i cant remember the word in english... intercambios.. is that splits? or exchange? yeah... you can try and figure that out ha. but, i went up with the Zone Leaders and one of them came down here with my comp. it was a good day! we all learned lots from the experience... I am happy that right now we have some really great zone leaders, they work really hard and try to be perfectly obedient. it was just a happy experience. It was really just out of nowhere that they called us but everything was good.

Then! the next day.... after getting the update on all that happened. we were just working like normal and we found Patricio in the street. we went to the church really quick to use the bathroom and while we were there we started talking to patricio and the topic emerged that he has been having this doubt about women not holding the priesthood and he had tlaked about it with a couple of people when we were visiting with them. one of them being our investigator... so I thought about it while we were talking and decided that i needed to talk to him about not talking about really heavy doubts with people who are recenttly getting to know the church. i did it very calmly and in a loving way i thought. it was something that i wanted him to understand so that something bad didnt happen and people got offended... well. as i started to explain this too him, using good communication skills, not being abrasive, i thought it was fine. but then, when i had finished. he basically said that he didnt want to try and put doubts in peoples heads but that if thats what we thought that he would just leave... what?? so we tried to explain it and explain it and back track and do all sorts of stuff but he was just unhappy. he got up, i tried to ask him to stay begged him to stay asked him if we could just say the last prayer together but just super confused and upset i had to unlock the door for him to go... i kept begging him and i told him i was afraid i was never gonna see him again, and he said that i already knew him well that that was how it was gonna be. broken heart. wo i gave him a hug and he said goodbye as i cried. yep. i killed the only convert i have tought. perfect. so then i cried, and prayed and then did it some more. cried for like an hour and prayed just about that whole time. then i asked my comp for a blessing who was basically just stunned by the whole thing, confused at how it happened especially because my explanations were short and schoppy and he didnt understand a lot of what was said.So i got a blessing took like 15 more minutes and then just gave it up, i put it in Gods hands. Told him what i wanted and told him to do what he wanted. But we had to go out and keep working, it was like 730. so we left. we went around and tried to visit a few people, talked to a few families, lots of people asked if i was sick. then as we were asking i got a phone call from Patricio. which said "where do i find you" so i told him where we were and he came to find us... i was a bit nervous that he was gonna likie return the book of mormon and stuff but during the time that we were trying to convince us to stay he told us that he still believed everything. so i just went forward with faith... and he showed up, said a lot of weird like proverb things that i didnt really understand and then apologized... we talked there for about a half hour and it was just over. it was done. he said we were like his kids and that he just wanted to put the whole situation behind us, we both just apologized and called that a day. yes. suuuuper stressful, but there it is.

The next day! it rained! everything closed! all of it! it was like a massive snow day in shelley. it was crazy. no school! everything closed! then that night the world cuop started, and the day after Chile played... wehn Chile plays... there are no people in the streets. EVERYONE watches! its like a ghost town! but... it should be a fun time... they won! and we are all alive. so thats good! i have one more story... but im gonna save that for next week... we will see how it progresses :) 

I love you very much family! i hope you are all happy! take care of yourselves! see ya!

Elder Gold

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