Monday, June 30, 2014


Well! we got the call! i am now in Copiapo! its about 2 hours north of vallenar. I was sad to leave... but thats the mission! it was a great experience! i learned so much and i feel like i left on a good note, so maybe its for the best!

We had a good week! remember that story we were gonna wait on... well i will finally tell it! so like 2 weeks ago ish we were trying to contact this lady who we had talked to before and told us when to come by but whe had never been able to catch her at home... for the past 6 weeks... she lives in the far end of the sector so we didnt go more than once a week, but we went over to her house and tried to talk to her and her nany came down to answer the door... she was a younger girl... who didnt have very covering clothes on... so we kindof just asked her where her boss was and just left because i didnt want to talk to her... girls are scary now... so we started walking away and  i just had this pang and a thought that i had denied the opportunity to learn about the gospel to someone based only on how they looked... i felt bad and as we reached the end of the street i looked back and she was still just sitting in the door, not looking at us but the door was still open. i mentioned my feelings to my comp as we continued walking and we went to contact another person who lived somewhat close... then we were talking about it... and we decided that we had to go back. so we went andknocked on the door and i told her straight up, sorry for interrupting again but we felt like we should come back and talk to her. she was super happy! she said that she had met with missionaries a few times in bolivia but she came to chile to find work, she loved to hear what they talked about and said it made her feel really close to God. Wow! so we obviously couldnt go into the house... becaus it wasnt hers and because she was alone.. so we tlaked outside a little about the plan of salvation and and the book of mormon and then gave her a copy and left... we called a few days later and she was reading and loving it... she went to church that sunday... and this week we had a lesson with her and her boss. it was awesome! she is another one of those people that has been prepared!

We also had an incredible lesson on the intercambio i did with Elder Peaua. One of the hermanas in the ward has a neice that is going through some hard times and we had this sweet lesson with her, when we were preparing we didnt know them very well so we planned something and then we were unsure so we decided to pray about it... after the prayer we felt that we needed to change it completely so we chnaged it all... and when we got to the lesson... it was perfect, that was EXACTLY what she needed to hear we talked about Christ and his importance and what he wants for us. it was incredible, super strong spirit there. We were also able to find this lady who has been studying and reading a lot and she is starting to doubt the existence of Christ as the Son of God... Immediately i whipped out the book of mormon... we read a couple passages in there and then talked about it, that really helped me realize how important that book is to people who dont have a strong relationship with Christ, its not very often that you find people who dont believe but are willing to listen, the book of mormon is POWERFUL in that aspect. it was a good lesson. 

Then this saturday we had Rosas baptism... thinking about that as well, it was kindof cool, when we were teaching her we had challenged her to baptism  twice but  she always said "when i feel the call i will" and we were talking about it in comp study and we decided to just explain to here about the whole concept of a goal and that she would be prepared by that date if she kept reading praying and going to church. so thats what we did! and she accepted! and she was 2 weeks before her baptism in a class in church when she annaounced, i WILL be getting baptized in 2 weeks! im SURE this is true... sweet! so she got baptized, it was amazing. i love her. she asked me to be the one to baptize her... so i was privelaged to be able to do that, she has really changed so much, its just a really different feeling in there. its the spirit... but its just... so sweet. like joyous. i dont know, but it went well. She will do great things!

Then! drumroll! we were trying to reach our cambio goals and have 70 people in church which would have been the highest in my time(how many go inour home ward? like 200?).... and when the meeting started we were at like 20 people... and then before the sacrament we were at like 40... and then after the sacrament there is always a big wave of people coming in late... so i was waiting for it hoping for all these people... and none of the came... 41 people in church, the lowest it has ever been. WOW! well, that ok. our average has gone up by like 10 so that was just a bad week.

Then we went on alesson rampage to try and talk to as many people as possible on sunday so i could say bye to them but also share messages... it was fun! we had like 5 lessons that day and talked to lots of people... that branch is so awesome and i know they are gonna keep progressing.

I was sad to leave but Elder Turman is ready and it probably for the best, Im now with Elder Jimenez! we will send more pictures and talk about it a little more next week! Also! while i was just writing that... we got a call from an hermana hear who just gave us a reference! cool! this should be a sweet place! Blessings!

Thank you so much for everything! i hope you are all very happy!

Loving the mission! its so fun!

Take care!

Elder Gold



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